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  1. Diversifying hiring practices to bridge the skills gap
  2. How technology can bridge the skills gap it created | World Economic Forum
  3. What is a skills gap?
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There is a connection between defending the country in the Armed Services and defending critical information for businesses and government agencies. The program recognizes this and provides benefits such as professional networking, training in the latest networking and security technologies, interview coaching, resume review and revision, and mentoring.

Diversifying hiring practices to bridge the skills gap

Currently, FortiVet is working with many veterans, and dozens more have graduated from it. Graduates are successfully starting their careers in cybersecurity at Fortinet, as well as at its distribution and technology partners. Below, he shares his experience being part of FortiVet. During my four years in the U.

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Navy, I had the role of Operations Specialist. My team was central to the ship.

How technology can bridge the skills gap it created | World Economic Forum

We were the eyes and ears and handled communications, tactical readiness and more. Looking back, this is where my passion for security arose. I provide technical support to Optiv Security customers in a call center environment, by aiding in product research, following up on open issues and acting as a liaison between the customer and business partner.

I made a goal in to do more personal networking. After a few interviews, he became a mentor for me. I was able to a get a Battlecard, which is like a resume for recruiters, and take full advantage of the great benefits FortiVet has to offer such as resume building, mock interviews and connections to employers.

What is a skills gap?

I found out first-hand that getting your foot in the cybersecurity industry door is difficult. By participating in the FortiVet program, I was able to stand out and be recognized for my accomplishments despite my lack of experience in the field. This program is crucial and has greatly benefited my family and me. Military veterans bring a particular set of qualities to the civilian workforce.

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For instance, as a veteran, I can be trusted. I served my country and was honorably discharged.

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A skills gap is the variance between what skills employers want or need, and the actual skills their employees have to offer. Some of the greatest skills gaps can be found in areas of basic skills, leadership, technical and professional skills, and communication.

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A skills gap analysis will help recognize the skills you will need to meet your business objectives. In addition, it can inform your employee development and hiring programs about potential shortfalls.

Once your job description is more transparent and detailed, you will attract candidates with the appropriate experience and skills set. Instead of only describing jobs by traditional standards, list out each skill required, as well as the courses that would aid prospective candidates.

Start by evaluating the experience and current skills of your employees, then identify future needs. Are your employees equipped with the right skills to adapt to new technology? How easily do your employees adapt to a new task?

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By evaluating current skills, you will get an idea of the various skills that are required for specific jobs and what emerging skills will become important in order to grow. There are many benefits to investing in your current workforce.

Sizing up the problem

Retraining employees with new skills will help save you money on recruiting, develop your employees' skills, improve loyalty, and help your employees grow with your business. Employees have the ability to rate their peers in skills, driving recognition and positive culture.

Creating a culture of learning can be difficult at any company, but getting 1, agents across 28 offices in multiple states to voluntarily adopt training is nearly impossible. Want to learn more about Bridge pricing and features?

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