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Celebrities who have talked about their sobriety - Insider

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. My dad, on the other hand, wants nothing lower than SPF It gives an immediate brightening effect, protects against sun damage, increases collagen production, heals blemishes and improves pigmentation. Just think how great you feel after a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and you get my point. Until now. It sources the best skincare and make-up from around the world and sells directly to the consumer with no mark-up and no fancy packaging.

Take a capsule for every day that you are away. As I said, the woman is a genius. Dermalogica is my reliable go-to skincare brand; like the babysitter who always arrives on time, it never lets me down.

It was developed by American skin therapist Jane Wurwand in , after she struggled to find a product line that embraced skincare over beauty. The skin-health-improving range is free from common irritants and ingredients that can cause breakouts lanolin, ethanol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances. No thickness, no stickiness, no chalky, white residue and no trace of a tint. Lip exfoliators have always seemed an indulgence too far for me. As you book your winter trips, remember that lips can have a tough time on the slopes, with icy weather and reduced humidity leading to cracked and flaky skin.

It also provides a hint of gloss without being so tacky that your hair sticks to it as you fly down the mountain. My daughter came home from a two-day school trip with chapped lips that were so severe they made me squirm. I gave her a pot of Elemental Herbology Lip Nourish balm with strict instructions to reapply every few hours.

British beauty brand Elemental Herbology makes products that contain no artificial colours, fragrances, parabens, preservatives or mineral oils, which is particularly important to me in a lip balm as I have a nasty habit of chewing my lips so I end up ingesting most of the product I apply. In this case, a healthy snack of avocado, baobab and Inca inchi oil. My daughter healed quickly, as children do, so I nabbed the pot back for myself. My tip: apply before you start your make-up, so by the time you reach your lips, the pufferfish stomach has taken full effect.

I suspect The Lip Volumizer will be the same.

Reward Yourself

I have tried every lip balm there is, cheap and expensive. And the right texture is vital.

Meeste Gelees

A great holiday should be like the Hollywood version of your life; the characters are the same, but the set has changed. Forget peptides and cell turnover — radiance is the new anti-ageing. Those two words send me into a depression, especially when the product sells out before I can bulk-buy.

But, hallelujah, all-new The Hydrating Illuminator is just as good. Skin can look matte after catching the sun, so I need a moisturiser that will add radiance. This lightweight, luminous cream is infused with the brand's Miracle Broth, which heals and hydrates. Wear it alone or as a primer under make-up. To recreate the effects of a professional treatment, pads are soaked in hydrating hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid, which unclogs pores, softens wrinkles and minimises dark spots.

Travel-size beauty kit: the best products under 100ml

Use once a week — before bed and after cleansing — on the face, neck and chest. It may tingle for a few minutes, but go to sleep and let it work its magic. Beauty lesson learnt this summer? Vitamin C is a necessity, hyaluronic acid is mandatory — and how on earth could I travel without protective antioxidant ferulic acid? Decree, a new physician-led skincare range created by British-born Dr AJ Sturnham, eliminates the possibility of confusing cosmeceutical skincare regimes.

After a summer spent in the sun, my face was one though test for a product. So far, so long summer damage. When looking for leopards deep in the jungle in the early dawn, you need skin to survive in a climate that repels make-up. Created by Korean beauty experts, it comes with two disposable, microfibre sheet masks that you can later buy separately.

Place one on the disc, secure it with the plastic ring, and press go. As you move the device over your face for 90 seconds, it goes hot to open pores, pulses absorption-improving T-sonic technology into skin, then emits anti-ageing, clarifying and rejuvenating LED lights. The experience finishes with a cold blast to calm and de-puff. It feels heavenly and in a short time provides the same glow as a great facial, even out in the middle of the bush.

No on-the-trail backpack is complete without the humble face wipe, though most smell synthetic and leave me longing for my usual cleanser.

How Billion-Dollar “Unicorns” Are Changing the Beauty Industry

But Nannette de Gaspe's next-gen versions feel like tiny muslin cloths, and are strong enough to effectively clean skin. They are also juicy with caviar-lime extract, a natural vitamin C, to brighten; white willow bark to exfoliate; and beetroot and silver mushroom to plump and smoothe. Our skin is our largest organ and is our first barrier against environmental stress, pollution and toxins. Much like anything that is overworked, skin gets stressed, and stress produces the hormone cortisol, which in small doses is fine but too much causes acne, spots, redness, dark circles and increased wrinkles.

Neurophroline is an extract from wild indigo, a plant native to India that has been used in Ayurvedic traditions for generations, and has been found to break down cortisol in your skin. GOW Garden of Wisdom is an all-natural skincare company based in Arizona that started 15 years ago and has a very enthusiastic following on beauty blogs.

Bestselling Series

Around 18 months ago, Shabir Daya and Gill Sinclair, co-founders of the brilliant website Victoria Health, decided to work with GOW to produce products specifically for their own website, developed using formulations put together by Shabir. I have to say, their range is one of the best affordable yet effective skincare regimens I have ever tried. Not that this surprised me, because the combination of Daya and Sinclair together could solve world peace if they put their minds to it.

I adore the products for acne and pigmentation, and Neurophroline Serum is another gem. Side note: Victoria Health is the most-clicked-on website in my browser history. It is the font of all intelligent health and beauty knowledge, from hair loss to immune-system support to skincare to travel sickness. As I said, Daya and Sinclair As beauty products go, is there a more soothing sensation than placing an eye mask under a tired, puffy eye?

The cool, slightly tightening crescent-moon-shaped pads are almost as rejuvenating as taking a minute catnap. I particularly notice under-eye wrinkles when my skin is dry. Dehydration sucks the life out of skin, so you need to put moisture back in with a treatment that will gently fill in the crevices, re-plump and smooth lines. I also love the Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Hydro-Mist, which can be sprayed throughout a flight and after applying make-up for a dewy glow spray it once on each side of the face and not in the centre to avoid an oily-looking T-zone , and I have replaced messy exfoliators with the Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads.

One tip is to use them while you put on make-up. Begin with your eyes and the masks will catch any annoying blobs of mascara or loose eye-shadow pigments that may fall. Remove and you will have the perfect base to apply your foundation or under-eye concealer, ensuring it glides on effortlessly without caking or sitting in fine lines. As a student, Singaporean Nicolas Travis wrote a skincare-company business plan; it was brilliant and he soon took his vision from lecture hall to lab. My skin was clear, with a dewy glow, as if tiny fairies had sprayed me with rosewater in the night.

In fact, it was wonder ingredient retinol, for reducing wrinkles and pigmentation, Indian ginseng, to combat dullness, and nutrient-rich oils that had done the work. Naturally, I asked for their secret. City break , three-day wedding in Italy I arrive with more energy than a Duracell battery and try to pace myself, but then excitement gets the better of me. Late nights commence and mascara marks on the pillow tell me I forgot to take my make-up off before bed. By day two, I look and feel exhausted and need a boost, a cream that will restore a tired, lacklustre complexion just enough to perk me up and give me the oomph I need to carry on.

Their foundation is also excellent, but Midnight Secret should be as mandatory for travellers as a passport. It's best applied before bed as a night-time moisturiser but if you forget, a thick layer the morning after the night before as a minute mask works just as well. Instantly cooling on application, the creamy serum leaves sallow, grey skin brighter and dewy with moisture, with healthy blood flow. I have just returned from Tel Aviv.

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Hot, vibrant, energising — I loved it. Sitting by the pool one day, trying to focus on my Kindle, I was distracted by a woman with a haircut so fresh and youthful, it made me feel embarrassed of my long hair. An inch above her shoulder, it emphasised her jawline and collar bone and sat perfectly under her Panama hat. I fell in love and maybe it was the sea air or the energy of Tel Aviv but I did something I have never done in my life, I went straight to the nearest hairdresser and had five inches chopped off.

Short hair is also a lot easier to style yourself. Blow-drying and a wave of the curling wand take minutes.

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I have known British hairdresser Luke Hersheson for over 20 years — his first salon was next door to my office and the coveted Friday 5. An eight in one miracle tube, it primes and protects hair from styling, gives shine, fights frizz, adds texture, tames flyaways, defines curls, adds moisture and can even be left on as a mask. We thought the first two in one shampoo was clever, but this is another level. How someone looks first thing in the morning tells you a lot about their skin.

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Most of us are at our worst. Not so Dr Barbara Sturm, whom I met recently — at 8am. A vision walked towards me. Sturm started out in orthopaedics and, realising that inflammation was one of the primary causes of ageing, vowed to treat the face as well as the joints. Dr Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum contains the highest possible percentage of hyaluronic acid, whose hydrating qualities are off the charts. Why buy a super-duper expensive product? There's only so much hyaluronic acid you can add before a serum turns gloopy.

The Four Beauties of China