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It took longer to cook than 7 minutes, flip, 7 minutes. It actually took 7 minutes, flip, 7 minutes, flip, 5 minutes, flip, 5 minutes, flip, 5 minutes for the juices to stop running red. You may have some residue on your pan, or did you use a seasoning mix that might have some other ingredients that don't stand up to the oven heat?

Just olive oil salt and pepper wouldn't cause any sort of burning. As for the cooking time- I actually think there were some typos in the post! It does take longer than that- especially if you have large pieces of meat. I've changed the instructions just a bit to be cooked longer at a slightly lower temperature. That should help both of your issues. Thank you, Sara for your reply, and for the corrections: I'm going to try it again, this time using the new instructions.

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You might be interested to know that the OLD instructions are still floating around out there — so far I've found them at community. I don't know if you're in any kind of position to do anything about that, but, anyhoo… I'll leave another message to let you know how my next attempt went. The meat is tender and juicy, with no toughness like I get with boiling, and no overcooking like I get in the oven.

Thanks for posting these basics for cooking chicken. I need it! I assume it is because you had us preheat the grill. Pretty soon I guess I will have my answer! Thank you! You just saved me from one of my typical kitchen disasters: rubbery, over-cooked chicken! Thanks for helping me become a better cook.

My husband is a little older than I and has been married before to a complete domestication goddess. And although I come with my own set of strengths, cooking is not among them. I have applied your tips and tricks with great success! Awesome post! My track record for cooking chicken is pretty dismal. I like your straightforward directions. You did, however, miss something. When baking chicken pieces… do you cover them?

Now I bake my chicken with the olive oil every chance I get and it comes out perfect everytime! Thank you for creating a new tradition in my family!

Microwave Recipe - Prestige

That sounds really good and I love the way you write! I like marinating my chicken in yogurt — gives it a tangy flavor. Thank you for giving just the basics for oven roasting chicken breasts.. No one gives just the basic they are always doing some crazy dish. Love love love this post!

3 bedroom end of terrace house in West Malling

Very helpful for a new homemaker. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!! I suck at cooking. I was joking but this tips came in handy. No Sara, Ur not using the word breast to much, lol. Seriously, right now sounds good to me. These in particular:. Thanks for helping me become a better cook!

I just wanted to say thank for posting all of this.

Download e-book The Show Must Go On

I was terrified of cooking chicken before this I only knew how to cook it via saute. I got it right the first time!!! This is great. Thank you. I am having a dinner party and I want to have chicken wings as part of the meal. How long should I bake them for to make them taste perfectly tender? Loving this site! Now, I need to know what would be a good temperature for this? Cause the sauce is really nice, the chicken not always!

Proselyte (Injustice: The Regime)

We love chicken breasts, but my husband always prefers I use a stovetop method because it never dries out. Thanks for posting this. Thank you so much! The author of this post turned me away by unnecessarily likening their language to strange things, in fact boobs and narcotics, which did not help me cook my chicken. I shall presume, therefore, it was a male individual; potentially a pervert; potentially having a drug problem.

I have a question: do chicken breasts need to be tenderized? I was raised in a vegetarian household and am just now at 24 learning to cook chicken — I felt like I was the only one who was clueless! I used lemon, red wine vinegar, and garlic to marinate chicken breasts for about 4 hours today, and cooked them using the oven method. Before baking I sprinkled them with some season all. They came out so juicy and tender! I have been trying to cook a proper chicken breast for years, and they almost always come out either under or overcooked.

I am amazed at how easy it was to make. Thank you so SO much! Thank you for posting such an easy and delicious baked chicken recipe! I have tried to bake chicken before and it never tasted good.

Simple Cooking Recipes

I think washing the chicken was the key! Thank you I will follow this method religiously. You two ladies are pretty impressive. I am in awe at the way you tweak things and create some amazing recipes. I was never really taught to cook, especially with things like chutneys, Sriracha, fresh limes and lemons, etc.

But I plan on changing that. So this is a godsend. I am excited to try other new recipes here. I appreciate the relatively easy recipes, the step-by-step directions, the photos, and the personal stories. Nice work! Thanks for an extremely informative and amusing post.

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  7. I was laughing big time and learning at the same time. What could be better! Thank you for this post. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe and fingers crossed it comes out well! Viva la Hawaii and keep on cooking guys! I love your blog and your sense of humor, right now I am making your grill chicken.

    How To Use Your RV's Convection Oven: Glacier Mango Chicken Recipe!

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with everyone. Awesome peice about cooking chicken, loved the humorous parts too like the part about using the word breasts too much and the audience you would attract Gave me a smile and good laugh. I am over roasting my marinated chicken as I write this.

    Thank you for the tips, tricks, and humor in your post. I came to your site to look for how to roast boneless, skinless chicken breast. I enjoyed the information.

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    DO NOT wash off the chicken! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Okay, now that we have the basics underway, these are the most popular methods for cooking chicken breasts:. Thanks for the info! What a great post!