Manual Odette, a Goose of Toulouse A Celebration of Life and Music

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  1. Peaches in a Can | Student Performance Night
  2. Bridge, Zia...and Me
  3. A Guide to the Earl Hamner, Jr. Papers, #
  4. The event will take place at Zamna Tulum on Monday 31st of December, NYE.

Peaches in a Can | Student Performance Night

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Tara Leigh I was worry at first time when I got redirected to the membership site. I learned new things, developed my work in new and unexpected directions and, through connections with mentors and talented peers, I gained the self-confidence and motivation to share my work with others. The Foundation Mentorship Program FMP is a yearlong program in which established artists share their experience and expertise with developing artists in a peer-support learning environment.

It is designed to help women in the visual arts develop skills and define their decision-making philosophies, and to provide access to the information, resources and support they need to realize their goals and build their practices.

Bridge, Zia...and Me

E: programs mawa. Cartae is an alternative learning space for the exploration of contemporary art modes, ideas and criticality, and their applications to individual practices. It is a site of experimentation, dialogue, creation, and research. Cartae is an initiative of ace art inc. Some images from their studio can be seen here.

Their exhibition launches on Friday 2 June School starts 3 October and finishes on the 30 th June There are 5 places available. However, Cartaers can program as many or as few activities as they wish in consultation with the committee in addition to their individual workshops.

Much of what you do will be self-directed- whether it is working on your practice in the shared studio, arranging studio visits for yourself, or choosing people to give artist talks. You are invited to contribute a short text to ace art inc. Email digital submissions in PDF format only to: cartae aceart.

Create two separate PDF files: one consisting of parts 1, 2, 4, and 5. The other file will consist of your support materials part 3. Label the files with your full name. Put your name, email, and phone number at the top of every page. Individual images must be jpegs 72dpi, x pixel, k. Images that are larger than this will not be viewed. Video may be submitted through a link to Vimeo, YouTube or any other easily accessed website.

A Guide to the Earl Hamner, Jr. Papers, #

See below for additional clarification regarding each part of the submission package. Featuring live performance, video works, documentation, live sound art, and some things in between. Their performances occur only once in a particular space for a specific audience and that piece of music is never performed again. Come see them create magic as Dr Jeanne Randolph takes you on a journey through the folds of time and space riding on the music performed by Cliff Eyland on Bass, Armaghan Afghan on percussions, Hassaan Ashraf on Guitar, Synth and backing vocals, Kevin Jourdan on Guitar and percussions.

Alyssa Bornn is an interdisciplinary artist, experimental filmmaker, and organizer based in Winnipeg, MB. Her practice regularly utilizes traditional photographic methods alongside alternative and outdated digital modes of image capturing, writing, and constructed spaces to explore the act of image building as well as our relationships to images. She holds a BFA Hons. In , Bornn was curated into the aceartinc. As part of this, recipients are invited to give a public talk about their work.

  • Schwert und Lilie: Historischer Roman (German Edition)?
  • Ebooks and Manuals.

We hope you can join us to hear Alyssa Bornn talk about her practice and recent bodies of work. Image: in either words or images resampled. Alyssa Bornn. In his memory aceartinc. Alward is a Canadian video and performance artist. After a teaching and artistic career that spans over 35 years Alward is retiring from the School of Art. Performing ritual allows us the opportunity to transcend suffering and dehumanizing experiences, open ourselves up for healing and journey towards wholeness.

Grafitti Gallery , Higgins Ave. Join us for ace art inc. Chronicle you and your fur babies with an exciting lineup of photographers in fun sets designed by local artists. Martin About the set: Cruise down Portage Avenue in a cardboard mint-coloured convertible with pink flames.

Please note the change of the original date and location from April 13 at ace art inc. Unable to attend? In the spring time, spirits from the underworld will begin to reappear. They can be good and bad. Program begins at pm. Cluster will feature the first new installation work by Britton in over 30 years, created in collaboration with her nephew and Cluster-co-director Eliot Britton! Erin Gee uses bio-sensors to create intimate music for just two audience members at a time.

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  4. Interdisciplinary Concepts in Cardiovascular Health: Volume II: Secondary Risk Factors: 2?
  5. The Turncoat: Renegades of the American Revolution;
  6. Young Dubliners - Tractor Tavern.
  7. Finally, Kristen Wachniak presents a new dance performance that re-interprets the concepts of gesture and looping to explore identity in a dreamscape of sound—composed and performed by the artist herself. Instruments will combine with the elastic voice of Charlotte Mundy— as well as electronics, projections, and even roller coasters!

    Guest artists from the Cluster Festival discuss what inspires them to create in a playful quickfire format.

    The event will take place at Zamna Tulum on Monday 31st of December, NYE.

    The public will be invited to participate in the conversation. CCC gratefully acknowledges aceartinc. Increasingly, scholars and artists are challenging what material and archives can be mined for their work.

    Beauty of Ballet - Barbie of Swan Lake

    In scholarly, aesthetic, and everyday encounters, citation functions to situate ideas, bodies, and cultural materials in relation to references that provide a scaffolding of legitimacy. Both of these installations relate to space, place and labour while broadly engaging with practices of citation.

    They consider how the act of imagining can be productive while living under capitalism. An area of clearance is a safety zone typically allocated on roadsides. It can be the designated space of entry allowed in drive-thrus or parkades. The work stems from a series of figural painting works which included a built sculptural architecture called Retirement Pavilion.

    It is a space especially allocated for the figures to populate and inhabit. The Retirement Pavilion is thought of as a space of ease, rest, and free of all imaginable unwanted labour.

    This sculptural architecture is predicated on wishful thinking and make-belief. But not without foresight or contingency planning. Each iteration of Retirement Pavilion serves as an alternate to this ideal space for retiring. In expanding the vision for this work-free environment, language became another way to think through a physical reality.