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Ok, fair point. Though, I still think that not using new Random in a loop is an important point. Next ;. Joren Joren WriteLine StaticRandom. I am sorry that I do not know the C terminology. But my point is that this function does not make any better random numbers than the standard function. It's impossible for anything to be 'truly random' since there is always some limiting factor or prejudice included that is inherent by its very existence.

Didn't you listen to the teacher in science classes? Millisecond ; Update I know that new Random uses the current ticks as seed, but seeding with current milliseconds is still good enough as it's good random start The last remaining point is that you don't have to initialize new Random every time you need a random number, initiate one Random object then use it as many times as you need inside a loop or whatever. Mohamed Selim Mohamed Selim 2, 17 17 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. When you instantiate multiple instances within the same millisecond as opposed to tick , then you will get the same value returned.

This is actively bad.

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Millisecond unlike DateTime. Ticks is a number between 0 and If you're creating a new one of these for each random number, you'll only have possibilities. It's all about the seed. ToInt32 Regex. Match Guid. Value ; return new Random seed. Random 1, ; Console. Proximo Proximo 3, 8 8 gold badges 35 35 silver badges 50 50 bronze badges. Guid is not random, it is not a good seed. A GUID doesn't make guarantees about randomness, it makes guarantees around uniqueness. Guid is a good seed. I am only using the numbers in the Guid. Try the method for yourself. Put it in a long for loop and look at the results for yourself.

Hmm, on second thought..

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Great point on the update. I didn't even think to make it a static field, this way works much better and is cleaner. There are some problems with this answer. First of all GUID is not a great seed source - just because it looks random doesn't mean it is. It may be good enough for your personal needs. Secondly the Random class isn't thread safe. You need to instantiate it once per thread. Matt This is the most informative answer IMO.

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Anshita Arya Anshita Arya 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Gordon Bell This is the class I use. Works like RandomNumber. AskethZ AskethZ 59 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge.

Your GenerateRandom class will never return the number , only This is common misunderstanding feature of Random. Next max value. Next You'd want to control the limit min and max mumbers most of the time. The Next method accepts two parameters, min and max. Next 5, Next lowerBound,upperBound ;. ReRoute ReRoute 9 9 bronze badges. While this code may answer the question, it is better to explain how to solve the problem and provide the code as an example or reference.

Code-only answers can be confusing and lack context. WriteLine random. GetBytes intBytes ; return BitConverter. Davit Tvildiani Davit Tvildiani 1, 3 3 gold badges 14 14 silver badges 28 28 bronze badges. ORG it reduces performance. Stefano Lonati Stefano Lonati 3 3 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges.

How do you safely choose a seed then? Well, first, if your objects are created even 10 ms apart, the random numbers generated are different with the default seed. Second, you can mash whatever random environmental or process data you have around to get a seed.

Then there's the tradeoff of whether you want one long sequence of numbers that will most likely start repeating itself, or multiple streams even if two streams end up being identical. It would be cool to have a randomizer chip with a small alpha particle radioactive source and a detector how smoke detector works in order to randomize numbers based on radioactive decay which is very random.

Next Put whatever values you want in the second parentheses make sure you have set a name by writing prop and double tab to generate the code. Prop and double tab? Why prop and double tab? Are you saying without that keyboard shortcut, which is short-hand for property, your code won't work? The following code returns a random number. Next ; The following code returns a random number between the min and the max range. Mojtaba Nava Mojtaba Nava 2 2 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. Just as a note for future reference.

You may refer to this question I made a couple of weeks ago: Did Microsoft change Random default seed? Lucca Ferri Lucca Ferri 4 4 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Ticks ; return rand. Sqrt Click on the 'save' button at the top of the list of names to save them to a cookie on the computer you are currently working on. The names will then be available the next time you visit this page on this computer up to days from now. Please see our Privacy Policy regarding the use of cookies. This version of our Generator is designed to remember one class only. If you would like to use it with multiple classes sign up for our Class Admin system.

If you have saved the list of names in the class list on the right of this page you can also:. Calculate the probabilities of cards being higher or lower than the one shown. Accurately construct a tangram puzzle then use it to make a Christmas tree and answer a short quiz. So far this activity has been accessed times and 17 people have earned a Transum Trophy for completing it.

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A hat has been provided and can be found here: Names in a Hat. Open Sequence - each integer can appear any number of times Closed Sequence - each integer appears an equal number of times Unique Values - each integer appears once only. Disclaimer: While every effort has been taken to ensure the error-free operation of this random number generator, no warranty of its accuracy or suitability for any purpose is made or implied, and no liability will be accepted for any inconvenience, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly from its use.

To generate an Open or Closed Sequence, type in the total number of integers maximum , for Open Sequence, or 10, for Closed Sequence.