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They ought to be up in a few hours. Gmail just recently alerted me of your reply, but thank you! We have also read the Flash Gold series and waiting for another of that since I believe it was sort of a cliff hanger. We are also in the middle of reading Dragon Blood. You are so very talented, never are we bored.

Thank you for the free book to start us on all your imaginative adventures in writing. We look forward to reading all your books. Thank you, both, for reading! There actually is a new Flash Gold installment Liberty that wraps things up after that pesky cliffhanger. Thank you for mentioning the new Flash Gold installment.

Cop/Sheriff Archives - Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

We now have purchased Liberty and we will start reading right away……. I love the characters! Thank you for the kind words, Debbie! A spin off from the DB sounds great! Next off to catch up with Yanko! A year ago I stumbled upon EE and I gobbled up every last scrap you had to offer. I am now finished with EE9, read the series 3 times over, got 5 of my friends addicted to it and have been ruined for all other books. No matter what or how many other fantasy books I read and I read a lot nothing ever gets close to Am and Sic, you have ruined me!!

Plus you have made me very curious as to how on earth Sic will act with a pregnant Am at his side?? Quite a few people have showed interest in them having kids, hah. I just finished reading your Dragon Blood series. I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work. I have plans to do an eighth one eventually. Lindsay, I have to say, since I discovered the fun of reading on my Kindle AND have now enjoyed all of your stories and series in the last year, I find myself at a loss as to what I should do with my time. Waiting for your stories to be published is excruciating!

I love your style. I will forgive you if you take a break from reading to spend time with your husband. I enjoyed reading them so much, I hope there will be more especially featuring Amaranthe and Sicarius?

Jennifer Bernard Books

Thanks for picking them up! Love your books. Great to read that star nomad may run to 8 books but only on one condition write them fast! Keep up the great work. Hey, Gill! Leonidas will get a certain issue fixed before the last book.

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Keep up the awesome work! When does the 6th FE book come out?

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Thanks for reading, Carole. I just released Fallen Empire 6, Arkadian Skies. Just finished Arkadian Skies and as always was delighted. Torn between wanting to read very slowly to make it last and not being able to wait to turn the next page electronically speaking to see what happens. Chains of Honor 3 will be my next project once I finish up Fallen Empire this autumn. Lady Lindsay! Took me over 70 years, but, now together by the printed page. Delightful thoughts and wordsmithing by you, as evidenced by the opinions above as well as my own glee in reading your works.

Ever in Sarasota FL, your charter fishing trip is on me. Thanks again! Yes, Christine! Is there a way on youre ebooks to always include the order such as you did with most of emperors edge. In fact leading with the number and acronym EE 2. Please keep writing. Hi, Martin! Keep up your fantastic work!

I Love your Books… all of them…Started with Dragon Blood wich i just brought because i needed something to read while Travelling and it was cheap but so good. I liked Emperors Edge the most. Fallen Empire was great too! Right now i Started reading the second Chains of Honor. I even liked the books from Ruby. At first i was Sceptical because of the gerne, but the Storys are cool even through theres more sex in them, but the Plot gets enough Room. Hope to Read many more great Books from you and Thank you for the great Storys and Worlds i could enjoy! Hi, Tobi! Thanks for reading.

Hope all is going well over there in Germany! Lindsay, I love your books! I do a ton of driving in my line of work so I listen to your books on audible. I have now listened to every single audiobook you have released. It must be a long process to get them on there, but is there a way for me to see upcoming releases on audible? Hi, Kyle! Yay, thanks for listening. I hope you never stop writing! Is it still in the works? Hi, Mona!


I really need to finish both of those series with a couple more books! So far, I have loved everything I have read but would love to know whether you are planning any further books in the Dragon Blood series. I just finished Dragon Blood and found it a good read and would like to read more but I do not have a Kindle reader and Amazon sells only Kindle as far as I can tell.

Audiobook Romance Adult Fiction Erotica G

I wish you well but without me and I wonder how many others. I must know what happened to the 3 Couples. Hi there. Absolutely adored the Rust and Relics books so far! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us lesser mortals. When will book 3 be published, please?

My Fantasy and Science Fiction Novels

Happy writing! It was said there would be only four in the series but from the last book nothing is finished, are there going to be more books and if so when. Just wow. You had me hooked with the first paragraph!

(Insta) Story of My Life

Thank you! Thank you for the kind words, Sandy. Some how I stumbled across one of your books ,and am filling my library with more. I read the first two books in the chains of honor series. When are you planning hoping to publish the third essay?

Romance books: All time favorites

What happened to book 3 of Chains of Honor? The cliff hanger is no fun!!!! Really enjoyed the Dragon Blood series, and looking forward to finding new work to read. I wish you would publish for iBooks as I like the Apple reader better and hate splitting my library between iBooks and Kindle. I particularly love Bhrava Saruth, as his behavior and words always make me laugh. Hm, I digress. Please finish them?